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Major activities of MSME-DFO

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  • Technical Services

    MSME-DFO, Karnal guides prospective and existing entrepreneurs in selection of product, process & machinery, Plant layout, Raw material selection, Modernization, Quality improvement, Product development, Energy conservation, Pollution control etc. Entrepreneurs may visit the Institute and consult the concerned trade Officers on any working day (Monday to Friday).

    Seminars and Workshops : Institute organizes the seminars and workshops for the existing & prospective entrepreneurs time to time.

    Project profiles: This Institute prepares and updates project profiles on select viable projects in the micro and small scale sector. These profiles contain brief information about the product, ISI specifications, manufacturing process, requirement of capital, manpower and materials, economics of working, market and address of suppliers of raw materials and machinery.

    Cluster development: This Institute provides techno-managerial assistance for development of clusters in the State. Under Cluster Development Programme, MSME-DFO, Karnal has undertaken the study of FRP cluster of Karnal, for intensive assistance through interventions. The print & packaging cluster of Karnal was provided assistance during the last year.

    Modernization: Specific studies modernization and technical upgradation of units are taken up under this programme.

  • Training programmes/ Skill Development:

    MSME-DFO Karnal regularly organizes training programmes for prospective entrepreneurs, for management personnel of MSEs and for developing skills required for small enterprises. The training programmes are of five categories:

    Entrepreneurship Development Programmes: EDPs and BSDPs: These programmes are organized to provide basic inputs regarding entrepreneurship to the prospective entrepreneurs.

    Entrepreneurship Skill Development Programmes(ESDPs): MSME-DFO Karnal conducts general and product specific ESDPs for the educated unemployed youth, woman, SC/ST, prospective entrepreneurs for setting up of self employment ventures. These programmes are conducted for 6 weeks in the trades of Food Processing, Fashion Designing, Beauty Therapy (Exclusively for Women), Screen Printing, Motor Rewinding & Transformer Winding, Manufacture of Leather goods, Chemical and allied products, Electronics, Repair and Servicing of 2-wheelers, Mobile Phones etc. as guided by the competent authority.

    Management Development Programmes (MDPs): MDPs are conducted for one/two weeks for owners and supervisors of small scale units. They are organized in the fields of Marketing management, Digital Marketing, Information management, Export management, financial management, Industrial management, Production management, Materials management, Total cost management, Total Quality management, etc.

    Intensive Motivation Campaigns (IMCs): MSME-DFO Karnal organizes one/ two days Intensive Motivation Campaigns to motivate target groups of students of Engineering Colleges / ITIs / Women / SC / ST etc.

  • Vendor Development

    1. Sensitize MSE sector and CPSUs etc about Public Procurement Policy Order for MSEs 2012.
    2. Organize State Level and National Level Vendor development Programmes by conducting buyer - seller meets, seminars & exhibition etc.
    3. Building the capacity of the MSMEs by supporting them with the schemes of the Ministry of MSME.
  • Economic Investigation & Statistical Services

    1. Assistance in selection of products.
    2. Preparation of area survey reports indicating Industrial potential in particular area.
    3. Preparation of industry prospect sheets, market survey reports.
    4. Census of small scale industries.
    5. Compilation of index on industrial of production (IIP), Growth pattern through the data collection from SSI units.
  • Awareness Programme / Workshops / Seminars

    1. Energy Conservation
    2. EV Technology
    3. Toys safety & standards
    4. Intellectual property Rights
    5. Intellectual property Rights
    6. Government E Marketplace
    7. Packaging techniques
    8. Quality Control and upgradation.
  • Marketing & Export Promotion

    1. Organize training programmes on Export Procedures / Documentation / Export Marketing / Export Packaging.
    2. Selection of export-worthy units for participation in international trade fairs and exhibits their products in these trade fairs. The trade quarries received afterwards are widely circulated.
    3. Sponsoring of MSMEs for various Export Awards.