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Export Promotion Cell

Export Promotion Cell

Micro, Small & Medium enterprises in the country are greatly contributing in the export of the country. Thus, MSMEs are the important segment of economy of the country and to further boost economy, more and more exports from the MSME is to be required.

To strengthen the MSME in the export and to facilitate the MSMEs, Export Facilitation Cell in the office of MSME-DFO, Karnal is established. This Cell undertakes the following major activities:
  • Facilitates and provide handholding support to MSMEs.
  • International trade adviser for MSMEs.
  • Provide all facilities to MSMEs under one roof for export.
  • MSME-DFO will act as a support system for MSMEs.
  • Create linkages with advisory bodies such as Export Promotion Councils (EPCs)/Commodity Boards/Export development authorities etc.


Ms. Meenu Dhiman
Asstt Director, MSME-DFO, Karnal
Phone no 0184-2208105,

Foreign policy:-
Export statistics of Haryana: (The values are in Crores)
Sum of 2020-21 Sum of % Share in 2020-21 Sum of 2021-22 Sum of % Share in 2021-22 Sum of % Change in 2021-22 over 2020-21 Sum of 2021-22(Apr -Mar) Sum of 2022-23(Apr -Mar) Sum of % Share in 2022-23 (Apr -Mar) Sum of % Change in 2022-23 (Apr -Mar) over 2021-22(Apr -Mar)
85731.16999 3.970794524 115972.6248 3.685155156 35.27474875 115972.6248 127373.1852 3.51798311 9.830389251
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